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 Point Source Pollution

Point Source Pollution

Thanks to Federal, State and Local government agencies, point source pollution is becoming less of a threat to our recreational waterways everyday. Point source pollutants are those that flow directly (usually out of a pipe or specified trench/ditch) into a surface water source.

Point source pollution in Lake Minnetonka has become less of a threat than non-point pollution since the closing of the last wastewater treatment plant that discharged into the lake in 1986. This is not to say that point source pollution isn't an issue at all. Most point source pollution in the U.S. occurs in rivers and oceans. This allows the pollution to flow away from its source giving the false impression that it is disappearing. As the pollution flows downstream it accumulates in the food chain and the environment causing problems for all kinds of organisms including humans.

You can find out more about point source pollution and what is being done about it by checking out the links below.


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