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 Homeowner Lawn Care Survey

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residents were asked:
survey says:
(click on a pie chart to see the results)

1. Do you fertilize your lawn?
answer 1

2. If yes, how many times do you fertilize your lawn each year?   answer 2  

3. During what season(s) was lawn fertilizer applied in the past year (April 1, 2000 - April 1, 2001)?    answer 3  

4. Who applied fertilizer to your lawn this past year (April 1, 2000 - April 1, 2001)? answer 4  

5. How was fertilizer applied to your lawn in the last year (April 1, 2000 - April 1, 2001)?
answer 5  

6. How many bags of fertilizer are applied to your lawn per application? answer 6  

7. What is the brand name of the lawn fertilizer applied to your lawn for the last application?   answer 7  

8. What is the name of the store where the lawn fertilizer was purchased for the most recent application?   answer 8  

9. List the 3 numbers (example 25-3-12) that indicate the nutrient content of the lawn fertilizer used for the most recent fertilization of your lawn (found on the outside of the lawn fertilizer bag).  


answer 9  

10. How do you decide how much lawn fertilizer to apply?
answer 10  

11. What is the approximate size of your lawn?  
answer 11  

12. What is the age of your lawn?  
answer 12  

13. Do you water your lawn?   answer 13  

14. Are grass clippings removed from your lawn every time you mow? 
answer 14  

15. At what height do you normally mow your lawn?  
answer 15  

16. Is your lawn aerated annually?   answer 16  

17. Are you satisfied with the appearance of your lawn? answer 17  

18. Have you ever had the soil test performed for your lawn?  
answer 18  

Additonal Resources:

Lake Access staff conducted a survey of landowners in the West Metro Lakes region. They were asked about how they use the lakes, how they impact the lakes, and what they would like to learn about the lakes. For results of that survey open up this .pdf file- survey. You'll need Adobe Acrobat which you can download for free.

Homeowner Survey Reveals Lawn Management Practices in Virginia
See how our survey results compare with lawn care practices in other parts of the country. Do we take care of our lawns differently in Minnesota?
Source: The Practice of Watershed Protection, Center for Watershed Protection (Article #131)

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