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 Responsible Lawn Care Practices
Soil Test Interpretations and Fertilizer Management for Lawns, Turf, Gardens, and Landscape Plants
If you have an established lawn in the St. Paul/Minneapolis Metropolitan region it is likely that your lawn does not need additional phosphorus fertilizer. Think beyond your lawn fertilizer and consider whether you are applying too much phosphorus fertilizer to your vegetable and flower gardens or your trees and shrubs. This publication will help you learn how to save money and the environment by calculating the proper amounts.
Source: University of Minnesota Extension Service (Publication BU-1731-GO)

Toward a Low Input Lawn
Low Input Lawn Care
Would you like to have an attractive, dense and green lawn while saving time and money and using less fertilizer, pesticide, and water? Learn more about the key steps outlined in these articles that you can follow to have your dream lawn while contributing to the health of the environment in your community.
Sources: The Practice of Watershed Protection, Center for Watershed Protection (Article #130)
University of Minnesota Extension Service (Publication BU-7552-GO)

Responsible Fertilizer Practices for Lawns
Source: University of Minnesota Extension Service

Yard Care and the Environment: Water Quality Fact Sheets For Residential Areas
Source: University of Wisconsin Extension


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