Data Visualization Tools -- Launch now

We have combined three tools (Java applets) into one package called DVToolkit. DVToolkit includes modified versions of the Profile Plotter and Color Mapper. It also includes another tool called the DxT Profiler (Depth vs Time Profiler). The DxT Profiler graphically shows how the lake data collected by our RUSS units changes over time. Below you will see an example of the type of profile that can be created with the DxT Profiler.

DxT Profiler Sample Output

Using DVToolkit and the DxT Profiler:

  • The DVToolkit runs on Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers -- version 4 or higher. Your browser must have Java enabled.
  • For optimal use of the DVToolkit we recommend using a fast (greater than 100 MHz) computer with at least 32 Megabytes of memory and an 800 x 600 display showing more than 256 colors.

Click Here to Launch the DVToolkit Applet

Note: This updated version of the tools uses a new data file format which dramatically reduces the download time! It also has been modified to work with older browsers and smaller screen sizes.



Or download the DVToolkit:

Complete the following sequence to download the DVToolkit package that includes the three tools and the complete set of lakes data. Once you have downloaded the DVToolkit you can use all three tools to explore the data without an internet connection.

  • Create a new folder on your hard drive or floppy. Give this folder a name that you'll remember -- for these instructions, we'll refer to the folder as "DVTools".

  • Click here to download the DVToolkit (file name:, approximate size: 400 Kb) This file contains all of the tools plus all of the data we have collected from the RUSS units on the Lake Access RUSS lakes.Unzip the contents of this file to the new folder. Note: all the files must go into a folder (subdirectory), even if you are installing them on a floppy.

  • Use your Java 1.1 capable browser to open the DVToolkit (at this point you do not need to have an active Internet connection). Simply use your browser to work with the tools.You can open the file by using the "File" menu in your browser and then selecting "Open." Browse through your folders and files to find the folder you have created (ours was named "DVTools".) Select and open the file named "DVTools_Applet.html" in that folder.

  • Repeat the download whenever you want to update the toolkit to use the latest RUSS data. The zip file is updated whenever we get new RUSS data.