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 Color Mapper

Color Mapper Applet

You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet

Follow the troubleshooting link below for instructions on enabling Java.


The > and < buttons will advance/retreat to the next/previous profile in the database.
The >> and << buttons will automatically move through the data at the rate you set with the DELAY slider. You can skip over some profiles when you use these buttons by changing the drop down selection from "Show every profile" to some other value. For example, if the RUSS is scheduled to take 4 profiles every day, changing the selection to "Show every 4th profile" will cause the applet to move through the data more quickly by only displaying one profile for each day.

If you are at the beginning or end of the data, the affected directional buttons will be disabled.

More instructions:

You can select a different lake from the drop-down list of Lake Access study lakes.

Use the date slider to quickly select a particular date. If there is no data on the date you selected it will plot the first profile after that date.

(Note: After changing the lake or date, press the Get this Profile button to draw the new plot.)

Click on a different parameter choice to change the mapped and plotted parameters.

To see the actual data from the profile that is currently showing:

  • Press the Capture this Data button to write the data from the current profile to the Data Window.
  • Press the Show Captured Data button to view this window.

Press the Copy this Plot button to send the current plot to a new window. This is handy if you want to compare plots from different lakes or dates.

This applet was written by Norm Will. Send him your comments or questions.

If you are having trouble running this applet check out our Java troubleshooting page.


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