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 New Boating Regulations for Lake Minnetonka

What are restrictions for outboard motors and personal watercrafts on Lake Minnetonka?

No person shall operate any watercraft or boat, on Lake Minnetonka which is capable of exceeding a noise level on the A scale measured at a distance of 50 feet or more from the watercraft or boat of: 80 decibels in the case of marine engines or motorboats; or 79 decibels in the case of personal watercraft water jet pump engines manufactured after January 1, 1992.

Size of Watercraft
No person shall maintain, locate, store or operate a boat or watercraft on Lake Minnetonka which is either a) more than seventy (70) feet in length or b) more than twenty (20) feet in width; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not apply to boats or watercraft which are used exclusively for dredging, construction, lake maintenance or similar activities, and which do not carry passengers for hire.


Speed Restrictions

Marine engines or motorboats

40 mph daytime
20 mph nighttime
5 mph slow minimum wake in marked quiet waters areas, within 150 feet of shore, within 150 feet of swim areas or swimmers, scuba flags, or docks (except dock from which operating)

Personal watercraft Slow no-wake speed (5 MPH or less) within 300 feet of the shoreline, within 150 feet of any swimmer, anchored boat, person fishing, mooring, dock or other water structure. (unless the personal watercraft is being driven perpendicular to the shoreline and to or from the nearest point of water 300 feet from the shoreline or parallel to the shoreline from one location to another in a manner which is not repetitive)
No motorboats in Bruhn Channel

Find out the boating restrictions on your lake

Department of Natural Resources- Local Surface Use Regulations

Information adapted from:
Lake Minnetonka Conservation District-Chapter III. Regulation of Watercraft
Lake Minnetonka Conservation District-Personal Watercraft Rules


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