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 Who Are We?

Lake Access was funded through the EPA's EMPACT program



LakeAccess. 2006. Seeing below the surface. Three Rivers Park District, MN and University of Minnesota-Duluth, Duluth, MN 55812.


George Host - Co-Principal Investigator (PI)
Rich Axler
- Co PI, Limnologist
Elaine Ruzycki - Aquatic Biologist
Lindsay Anderson - Aquatic Biologist
Norm Will - Computer Programmer
Jim Sales - Web Site Design
John Jereczek - GIS Specialist
Jane Reed - Hydrologist

Bruce Munson - Co-PI, Science Educator

Cindy Hagley - Co-PI, Environmental Quality Educator
Barb Liukkonen
- Co-PI, Water Resources Education Coordinator
Barb Peichel - Program Assistant

Agency and Industry Partners

John Barten - Co-PI, Limnologist
James Johnson - Limnologist
Brian Vlach - Limnologist

Joanie Ellis- Planner and Project Mgr.

  Christopher Owen-Co-PI, President

A number of the features found on Lake Access come from its sister project Water on the Web which is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number due-D9752017.


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